5 Drywall Finish Tips

Drywalls are becoming important in creating interior walls in many homes. They are easy to work with, highly durable and affordable compared to other options. Hanging the siding contractors Buffalo, NY is easy and most people don’t have any problem with it. The challenge comes when you are finishing the wall. This step requires a lot of attention and we have prepared a few simple tips below that can help you.

Cover Joints and Screwheads

The first thing you should do when finishing the wall is to cover the joints and the screwheads. Use a large 5-inch knife to apply the siding Buffalo, NY’s compound on the joints and the screwheads. Start in one corner of the room and work your way across various walls until you are done. As you apply the compound on the joints, press gently in order to ensure penetration. Once you are done, scrap off the excess compound.

Apply Paper Tape

The second step is to apply the paper tape on the wall. Start by unrolling at least three feet of tape from the dispenser. Don’t tear it off yet. Center the unrolled tape on a seam and gently press it on the fresh compound using your fingers. Place the tape gently on all joints until they are fully covered. Tear the tape off at the end of the joint with a knife.

Smooth Tape

Once the tape is placed on the joints, it will need to be smoothened in order for the drywall to look beautiful. Hold the 5-inch knife at a 25-degree angle half along the joint where the tape is already in place. Pull the knife to one end of the joint gently with one single stroke. Remove the excess compound from the knife and repeat the process on the other joints.

Sand the First Coat

As soon as the compound dries you will need to prepare the surface for the final touches. Sanding is the next step here. However, before you start, make sure the compound on the wall is dry. Dry Buffalo siding compound will be uniformly white. Wet areas will be darker so pay attention to this. A smooth pole sander with medium grit will get the job done. Use your hands to feel rough areas on the wall and sand as needed.

Apply Second and Third Coats

One coat will probably not be enough for your wall. You will need at least three coats to finish the wall. Apply the second coat using the same process listed above starting from the first one. Sand and smoothen out when it’s dry and repeat again until the final third coat of drywall compound is applied. Although there are some people who may go for a fourth coat, three will always do the job.

Finishing drywall is always the hardest thing during the installation process. It takes time, requires a lot of attention, and can be the difference between quality vinyl siding Buffalo, NY and poor ones.

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