8 Ways To Create Your Mantel Shine

As the weather gets cooler, our attention turns toward the heat of the fireplace and its surrounding beauty. The mantel in particular is a place of prominence, and particular care is given to the objects that oversee the whole room.

A couple of questions to ask yourself as you decide the best way to decorate your mantel:”What type of air am I trying to achieve? Will the area over the mantel play a pivotal role in how this chamber works?” The replies will probably get your started in producing the greatest focal point potential.

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Reflection. Hang a mirror over the mantel to open a closed space. It reflects sun from an adjoining window and provides the illusion of natural light. In addition you obtain another vantage point. Make certain the walls throughout the room are attractive as well.

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Sculpture. Highlight artful wall nooks with beautiful sculptural pieces. At night, they cast dramatic shadows and make wonderful conversation pieces.

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TV. Over the mantel may be the only place to mount a tv, particularly when you have more windows than wall. Tasteful built-ins effectively disguise your electronic equipment and don’t interrupt the flow of your relaxing atmosphere.

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Shelves. When your fireplace is assembled as a focal point, not much else is needed to accentuate what’s already an obvious benefit. These floating shelves match the design without contending with it.

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A sizable part of artwork. Vibrant art is just one of my preferred mantel décor options. Cool, crisp abstract artwork accompanied by a bit of greenery and balanced by an eclectic wall sconce creates this vignette intriguing.

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Or three little ones. An uncomplicated triptych introduces a third accent color to this living room. Its scale is flawlessly given the dimensions of this fireplace.

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Lighting. The accession of wall sconces over the mantel provides both the beauty and function of accent lighting. The rest of the décor things are well edited and kept in a non not to crowd the mirror.

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Lanterns. Hurricane lanterns are enchanting alternatives when electrical outlets are not available for wall sconces. Accenting your mantel with candlelight is nature’s method of soothing the spirit and covering a room with a sense of calm.

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