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A Little Something Extra for Your Fireplace

The fireplace is always a prominent focus in a space, whether or not there is a fire burning inside it. Due to the fireplace’s importance, the surrounding area provide a fantastic chance for vases which set the ideal tone.

Pinnacle Architectural Studio

1. Incorporate wood. Celebrate the fireplace’s intended use by encircling it with the wood it will need to warm those lively evenings, even as Pinnacle Architectural Studio did with this particular house.

Even if your fireplace is gas powered, stacking piles of logs, such as birch, beside the hearth creates an attractive link to nature.

Savvy Decor

2. Breathe life. Indoor plants also add stunning natural beauty, colour and feel around a fireplace, like in this area designed by Savvy Decor as part of a dream home project.

Living plants keep the air clean, too, by controlling humidity and consuming toxins and off-gassed chemicals. A number of the very best indoor plants are dracaena the peace lily, bamboo palm, areca palm and rubber plant.

Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design

3. Use glass particulars. Make fire dancing with the addition of glass accessories facing and around the flames. Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design did just that with colored glass jars for this particular house remodel.

Jacob Snavely Photography

4. Offer fireside chairs. Frame the flameswithupholstered chairs such as those added by Chango + Co.. Design as part of a whole-home makeover. Benches offer you added color and lend themselves to seating configurations that are easy to maneuver around the space.

Caution: Make sure if you add any flammable materials near a wood-burning fire, you give them an appropriate fire-safe clearance.

Thompson Naylor Architects Inc

5. Go cuckoo. In an age when analog has all but disappeared, vintage-style clocks pay regard to the older ways while providing their own distinct personality to a mantel. Choose one clock, like the mantel in this house. Or make a display of your favorites to put in a pleasant ticktocking ambience.

Fletcher Rhodes

6. Put some colour. ArchitectJohn Lum andEm Design Interiors’ Emily Mughannam worked together to inject some fun into this fireplace wall that is part of a larger San Francisco renovation. By using glass-front cabinets they gave the wall a custom look for a portion of the price of built-ins.

Allegretti Architects, Inc..

7. Hang art. Speaking of pleasure, sometimes we forget to have enough of it. Art is great way of providing a seemingly considerable mantel a light-hearted disposition. Let loose and show off the other side of yourself that your guests might not expect.

That is exactly what the owners of the Allegretti Architects–designed house did to give their friends a reason to have another look, and perhaps have a chuckle.

Todd Richesin Interiors

8. Add sparkle and shine in unusual forms. Mirrors are constantly winners across the mantel because of their ability to add additional light and the feeling of more space, as well as to enhance everything twinkle a flame is kicking off.

And you don’t need to use a typical geometric form. The one in this Todd Richesin Interiors–designed space gives the fireplace an abrupt touch in an otherwise traditional-style room.

Anthony Michael Interior Design, Ltd..

9. Allow the fire screen do the speaking. Fire screens are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Take the screen that is elegant from this home.

Traditional glass or black screens blend in with the firebox, even though a screen of a different metal stands out proudly to offer you another layer of beauty.

10. Get your tile on. Let your creativity go wild when it comes to tiling the fireplace surround. Who says that the tiles will need to be 1 colour, or a traditional colour?

Not the owners of the house. They asked that inside designer Melanie Coddington remodel their living area around their home’s existing vintage aqua and white ceramic tiles, because they loved them so much.

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