Add Comfort and Function With a Cozy Corner

The corners in a room occasionally present a special layout challenge, but the majority of the time we tend to forget them. With just a little imagination, though, an ordinary corner could become a extraordinary living area. Take a second look at those wonderful angles in your home. Who knows? That corner could become your favorite place this winter to curl up with a blanket, a good book and a cup of tea.

With fun, contrasting colors such as turquoise and violet, this corner seat is sure to get a great deal of usage. Window seats are a excellent way to maximize space in smaller rooms.

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In case you have a large open area, make an artificial corner using a banquette. This layout idea allows you to specify distinct areas within the larger room without losing the sense of openness.

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Piles of pillows added into the banquette make it the ideal spot to perch in front of those wonderful windows. What a fantastic area for reading!


Let your corner serve more than 1 purpose. Here, the homeowner can work at a little desk or unwind on the window seat.

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A corner from the fireplace is always a welcome sight. The fireside chair in this area has a wall sconce above it, so even at night you can settle in with a hard crossword puzzle or a good book.

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Corner chairs work well once you have a window with an wonderful view. Not having seat backs ensures that the view into the scene outside stays unobstructed.

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Here, a dining table and chairs are placed close to a window seat. This is a fantastic method to accommodate dinner guests.

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When you have a household, then this utility seat might be exactly what you want. With hooks to hang hats and coats, a place to sit and wear sneakers and a great deal of storage, a corner such as this is sure to keep things running smoothly.

Great Suggestions for window seats
Cozy up to a banquette

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