Authentic Home Confession: Hodgepodge Stair Landing

Here at , you typically see only superbly designed spaces and stunning photography. While these provide all of the inspiration anybody could ever want, at times it makes me feel dreadfully inadequate, particularly when I pull myself out of denial and look at my problem locations. As a desperate measure, I am sharing one of my main problem places with you in the expectation which you’re able to lend me a neighborhood pep.

Once I say problem places, most of you know what I am talking about; it is that unsightly place in your house that you deal with by not even noticing it. It is where stuff collects; it is where you dented the wall with the sofa whilst vacuuming; it is where you want to get the carpet cleaned although you don’t; it is that piece of furniture that is desperately needing a fresh coat of paint.

I’m going to share with you an area of my house which needs a makeover from top to bottom and ask for a kick in the rump for it together. I hope you will share yours in return and this post can become the nudge some of us want to get out this can of paint, phone the carpet cleaners, so order that wallpaper and discover a place for your clutter or just do away with it.

It is on top of my staircase. This is where stuff that needs to go either downstairs or up to the loft collects. Here’s the stock:

Bench that needs painting that I use to show framed photos that I do not have the wall space for.

Federal-style mirror I swiped from my parents later seeing one painted black at a magazine years ago. After sending it to me, my mother described how much she loves the classic gold paint, and that I decided covering it in black spray paint was not in the cards.

A smushable container which should be in my closet; when something does not fit or I do not enjoy it, I throw it in there, then take it to Goodwill when it is full (this is a great tip closet designer Lisa Adams told me). After the past Goodwill trip, it left it up the staircase but hasn’t gone that extra 10 feet to the closet, and it’s had about two months to achieve that.

I have been dying to wallpaper this wall for months. Well, clearly, “dying to” is an exaggeration, as these samples of Tapestry by Cavern Home have been recorded to the wall for six months now.

That It even has an unsightly thermostat that I wish was in my bedroom, tucked in a spot that does not ruin the look of an wall.

Another confession: In a bid to be greener, I replaced my old thermostat downstairs (also in an awful spot) with a programmable one (that instruction guide was swallowed into another hodge-podge black hole long ago), and I despise it. Seeing as I would require a level from M.I.T. to really program the thing, all I really do is press on the temperature I want and press “Hold.” I have asked techie friends to find it out when they have been around and they can not.

Finally, the ironic icing on the cake: Martha Stewart’s coordinating dilemma, which I want to reread and save. But in my own lack of organization, I have neither reread nor found a place for Martha. Along with my fantasies of an organized house, a chicly wallpapered upstairs hall with an updated federalist mirror along with a bunch of beautiful photos of my favourite areas, the magazine sits in limbo awaiting me.

So, who’s going to offer me a significant nudge on what to do with this particular area? Any opinions on the black and off-white wallpaper versus the creamy tan and off-white one? Is it worth the cost to get the thermostat transferred? What color should I paint my seat? Or will 86-ing the seat help me stop letting matters collect in this spot? I would really like to have the ability to demonstrate this off as a decor success “after” photo someday soon, but I want your help!

Wish to earn a problem area true confession? Let it out below.

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