Best 20+ DIY Door Ideas For Your Home

We don’t think about doors a lot. However, given that we use them so often, it would be wise to give them the attention they deserve. Doors play a huge role in the interior design of any house, and this is why overlooking them is not a good thing.

Over the years, many homeowners have started paying more attention to their handyman services. There are many brilliant ideas that can help you shed more light on your house repairs. Some of these ideas are complex, others are simple, but the outcome will always be amazing. The point behind these DIY concepts is to not only make your door look better but to give your home some character.

Yellowing Trim

You may have noticed that the trim on the handyman of many houses is turning yellow. Do not let it stay like that. Get some cleaning agents or an expert to help you and clean the trim. The door and the trim should maintain their natural color.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are awesome. However, in some cases, their transparency takes away the element of privacy. If you want to feel safe in your home, use frosting on the glass door.

Steel Doors

A steel door can look so plain and bland. To give it some character, you can consider faux wood graining on it. This will make it look like a wooden door when it’s actually not.

Front Doors

This is the main entry point to the house so it should look good. One easy way of doing this is by painting it. You can transform the front door from the boring eyesore that it is with a splash of black paint. You can even try yellow or blue, but move away from the traditional white.

Visual Interest

Another idea is to go artsy on the door. Give it some visual impact and color by painting shapes on the door.


You can also look at the possibility of adding a window to the solid interior door, which makes it more appealing.

Decorative Hardware

If your doors are plain, you can add some decorative hardware to make them stand out.

Louvered Doors

For louvered doors, a good way of styling them up is by removing the louvers and in their place, you can use mirrors. They are ideal for closets.

White Interior Doors

For your interior doors, remove the plain door and replace it with something like a 4-panel door. Change the color too. Black can be an great choice.

2-Panel Doors

This is another idea worth looking into. 2-Panel doors are a good update to a normal interior door, without necessarily having to repaint the room.

Baby Gates

Baby gates do not just keep your baby inside, but they allow you to bring in more light into the house.

Dutch Doors

Convert your existing door into a Dutch door very easily. Get an expert to make sure you will have some fine results.

Pantry Doors

For the plain and boring pantry door, using panels would be a good idea. You can even add a glass frame and curtain.

Pocket Doors

The good thing with pocket doors is that they do not just look good but they are major space savers as well.

Sliding Barn Doors

The sliding barn door is one of the best ideas you can think of. You can up-cycle the entry door into a sliding door.

Sliding Closet Doors

These might be a bit difficult, especially if you do not have space, but they are a great way of remodeling the closet.

Bedroom Closet

You can use a sliding barn door style for the bedroom closet, as long as you have space.

Screen Doors

Screen doors are a good choice when remodeling the pantry. They give a beautiful visual impression and allow in more light.

Bi-Fold Doors

Louvered bi-fold doors can also be remodeled. Remove the louvers and replace them with a 2 or 4-panel door.

Closet Doors

For closet doors, sometimes all you need to do is to change the color of the door. For a plain white closet door, a darker color would be a great choice.

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