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Comparison Between Rubber Mulch & Wood Chips

From bark to gravel, then you have many mulch choices. The widest choice of mulch is whether to use organic or inorganic. Mulch is both functional and ornamental, protecting the soil and enhancing plants. Both rubber mulch and wood chips provide key advantages and drawbacks, and the decision is especially important if you grow edibles.

Wood Chip Advantages

The organic nature of wood chips supplies your soil using valuable nutrients. Since the wood chips break down over time, they contribute essential nutrients to the soil and enhance its fertility. When the mulch isn’t any longer correctly addressing the topsoil, you just till it into the soil to continue decomposing. Available in many different colors, wood chips supply your yard with a pleasing visual when protecting plants from weeds and excessive evaporation. Moreover, wood chip mulch struggles wind erosion since it’s enough weight to stay in place during windy days.

Advantages of Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch does not decompose like chips. Essentially a lasting mulch, these recycled tire fragments have the extra plus of never floating. Stormy days with heavy rains will not dislodge the rubber mulch, whilst wood chips may descend away. If your place is often wet, you do not have to fret about mulch rot. Rubber mulch does not rot and withstands the test of time as a protective soil layer.

Disadvantages of Wood Chips

A main issue with hardwood chip usage is fire safety. Use the mulch away from structures so that you do not create a fire hazard. Should you mulch with wood chips that are newly cut, their first decomposing procedure steals essential nitrogen from the soil below. Should you use wood chips consistently, monitor the nitrogen levels in the soil. To maintain the place’s nourishment balanced, you might have to apply periodic nitrogen fertilizer to the soil. Additionally, termites and other insects are attracted to the wood fragments, which might mean that you need to use pesticides to combat infestations. Over time, the wood also changes colour, affecting your general garden appearance and requiring periodic replacement.

Rubber Mulch Drawbacks

Rubber mulch does not improve the quality or fertility of soil like wood chips do. It’s essentially a permanent pay to the topsoil. Rubber may add harmful heavy metals, such as iron and zinc, into the soil during a long period of time, reports Colorado State University Extension. Through the years, heavy metal buildup can lead to poisoning if you use rubber mulch in vegetable gardens or near fruit trees. It’s very important that you observe your own garden to determine if the rubber mulch is harming your plants. Additionally, rubber mulch also has oil as a main ingredient and it may be a fire hazard. Put rubber mulch away from structures.

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