Design on the Diagonal

Whether it’s slanting the dining room table, an island or your whole living room layout, designing on a diagonal may improve your overall look and may also increase traffic flow. By playing with the items Start little which you can easily switch back, like a rug. Open your eyes. Perhaps a layout on the diagonal is just the fresh new look your house needs for the new year!

Witt Construction

When it’s tough to maneuver all the way around your dining room table if it is placed lengthwise, consider placing it on the diagonal instead. It is embarrassing to have to squeeze behind the individual in the head of the desk (for the individual enjoying his meal), and also this layout can address this.

Hufft Projects

When the kitchen and living space is all part of one open space, consider turning the whole living room layout on the diagonal. It’ll create the differentiation of two individual spaces within an unexpected yet modern manner.

Philpotts Interiors

In this example, a couch set on the bottoms opens up this living area and increases traffic flow in and outside of this space. Two chairs help the look feel balanced.

By arranging this whole living space on a diagonal, the designer created two different seating areas. This maximized the functionality of the space and made it perfect for entertaining.

Niki Papadopoulos

An easy experimentation: Test your carpeting out on the diagonal. It is simple to put it back if you don’t like it, but it is possible it’ll add an interesting twist to your layout.

Ragan Corliss

A rug on the diagonal in this bedroom frees the chaise on an opposite diagonal.

Amish Custom Kitchens

Maximum traffic flow is vital for a kitchen, regardless of whether you’re cooking for two or entertaining for 12. If you’re considering adding an island to your kitchen, pay careful attention to its positioning. It can be that a island on the diagonal will open the distance and improve total operation.

Custom Designs Cabinetry

A island parallel to the countertops would have worked just fine in this kitchen, but if put on a diagonal, it feels based and generates an equilibrium throughout the room.

Colmar Kitchen Studio

Are you in the market for flooring? Think about placing tiles or timber planks on the diagonal. It might make a totally new look for your space.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

Angled tiles on a backsplash make an interesting visual complement to the right surface of the countertop.

Divine Design+Build

Another place for layout: wine storage. Give it a try!

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