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Fashion proceeds to influence home decoration, and it has attained Christmas tree decorations also. I really do a Tiffany-inspired tree that I predict the Holly Golightly Tree. Tiffany-blue is your major color in the decorations and boxes. Then I put in accents of black (as in Audrey’s LBD), a great deal of sparkle and classic decorations to produce a very stylish and pretty tree. Here are some shopping tips to get you started.

Valorie from The Visual Vamp

Valorie Hart

My tree is your classic vintage silver tree from the 1960s. There is plenty of space between the branches to hang lots of decorations. I got a selection of Tiffany boxes for free on Craigslist a couple of years back, and that is what started the idea for the tree. I tied every box with black ribbon, and also the tree stand is really one huge Tiffany box.

Valorie Hart

6′ Silver Aluminum Christmas Tree – Vintage Style – $126

This is a new tree, a great replica of this retro classic tree. It is possible to discover classic trees in yard sales and on eBay, or perhaps your granny has one saved away that she’ll give to you.

Elevate your tree. Most vintage-style and classic trees are approximately 5 feet tall, but I place mine on the largest Tiffany box to add at least 2 feet to the height of this tree. Additionally, this allows the the fashion-wrapped gift boxes to really be seen.


Place of 100 Clear Everglow Designer Mini Christmas Lights – $14.99

Add a pair of silver lights to your tree. Do not use white or green. These ones are really great because the wire seems to disappear.

Party Pail

Tiffany Blue 2″ Favor Box – $13.69

These modest Tiffany-blue boxes would look sweet beneath the tree, or put in an ornament hook and then hang them around the tree.


If you can not find Tiffany boxes, wrap many different sizes of any boxes you might have within this Tiffany-blue paper. Tie your bundles with black ribbon if you want how my tree looks, or you may use red ribbon how Tiffany ties their boxes in holiday time. White or silver decoration would be pretty also.


50ct Ornament Set – Blue/Silver – $15

Utilize many different aqua blue decorations, both matte and shiny, and blend in silver. I really mix in silver and lime green on my tree.

Do not be uptight about utilizing bargain plastic ornaments offered in collections in this way. They are a fantastic base and filler for more unique decorations. As your collection grows through the years, you can phase out the plastic ornaments.


5.5″ Fan-Tail Regal Peacock Sparkling Mica Glitter Christmas Ornament – $4.99

Peacocks seem great on the Tiffany tree. Do not be reluctant to use the whole assortment of aqua blues, from the most moderate to the many teal. Once all the decorations are around the tree, the assortment of monchromatic color is quite striking.


Divine Regal Peacock With Deluxe Curved Tail Christmas Ornament – $4.99

Here’s another awesome peacock ornament. You may just buy one or 2 of these if you are on a budget.


Onion Ornaments, Blue/Silver – $5

Choose ornaments with a classic vibe. These onion-shaped ones are a traditional retro form.


Aqua Ornaments, Sputnik Ornament, Vintage Aqua Ornaments by Christmas in Iowa

Buy classic ornaments when you can. Etsy and eBay have the most and the ideal. Needless to say, have a look at yard sales and garage sales also.


Jaclyn Smith Traditions Midnight Clear Glitter Starburst Ornament – $2.99

The starburst or Sputnik form in an ornament is a classic. It’s possible to discover new ones such as this or search for classic ones.


Ribbed-Glass Ornaments – Sea Blue – $18

Glass decorations add sparkle. These ones are new, even though they seem old and collected. They also come in a darker aqua which you can find when you go to the site.

Christmas Central

125-Piece Club Pack of Shatterproof Mermaid Blue Christmas Ornaments – $79.99

This is a giant group of shapes — 125 decorations all together. This is a great way to get a base to build upon.

Valorie Hart

Premium Bead Garland – Frosted Matte Aqua Light Blue – $8.49

Add garlands to your tree. I added black and white aqua, and pearls, of course. I could not discover a pretty black garland, so I purchased beaded necklaces. I used pearl Mardi Gras beads, and I purchased the most adorable aqua blue garland I could find. I love this one!


Luxurious, Black, Fully Sequined & Beaded Christmas Ball Ornament – $3.99

Among my finishing touches was to add black decorations; they included something as chic as Audrey’s LBD. A couple of years back it was really difficult to find black decorations, but today they are more widespread. I would only add two dozen at the most, and utilize the many sparkly ones which you may find. These are perfect.


Beaded Garland for Christmas Tree or Wreath from Julissia and Co. – $12.75

The theory behind the garland is to seem like it’s the stones from Tiffany & Co.. This one really looks pretty enough to utilize.

GiftsCollectibles and More

Peacock Blue Finial Christmas Tree Topper – $45.90

A finial tree topper adds to the classic look of the tree. Again, if you can find a classic one, all the better. This new one in peacock blue is stunning.


Glass Finial Vintage Mercury Glass Tree by My Heirloom Charms – $26

Following is a classic finial tree topper. It’s well worth the effort to search for classic: that the patina is simply perfect. Employing classic increases the nostalgia of Christmas.

Designer Stretch Glamour Metallic Jersey Knit Aqua

Most tree skirts are nasty. Get three yards of pretty fabric and wrap it round the base. I love this shimmering aqua fabric from, and it is a most wonderful site for its budget-conscious decorator.

Paper Mart

High Gloss Colored Gift Boxes

Why don’t you do another version of the fashionista tree, state, a Hermes-inspired one? If you are lucky enough to have a stash of Hermes boxes around to get you started, you are indeed very fortunate. However, you can purchase orange gift boxes to find the feeling.

Zurchers Party & Wedding Store

Here’s some spot-on orange wrap paper to cover some previous boxes you’ve got for an instant Hermès vibe.

Ribbon Bazaar

Double Faced Satin Ribbons – $4

Tie up your orange bundles with brown satin ribbon. I would use a thin one, 1/4 inch approximately.


Burnt Orange Shatterproof 4-Finish Christmas Ball Ornaments – $19.99

Utilize the silver tree as well as also the silver decoration I showed you. For your Hermès tree, then add orange ornaments. This inexpensive collection has three textures and a nuance of color changes which can look amazing.


125-Piece Club Pack of Shatterproof Brown Copper Gold Tone Christmas Ornaments – $39.99

This cheap 125-piece collection adds coppers and browns along with the Hermès orange. And there are several different shapes and sizes. It is possible to do your whole tree with this set, then add a few unique decorations.


Rustic Fire Copper Brown Icicle Shaped Glass Christmas Ornaments – $54.99

These super long glass decorations are drop dead beautiful. It’s like adding hot earrings to your Hermès tree!


Sparkling Chocolate Brown Curly Ball Christmas Ornament – $8.99

This is a sweet accent ornament to blend in with the Hermès-orange ones.


Holiday Tree Topper Copper Origami Star from The Starcraft – $9

Is not this an ideal tree topper to the Hermès tree?

Wool Blend Shimmer Suiting Brown/Silver – $6.98

This wool blend shimmer fabric is like adding a Hermès throw around the base for a tree skirt. And it’s under $7 per lawn at

Valorie Hart

Linda Dano Hand Painted Plaid Ball Ornaments – $12.83

Okay, one more fashionista tree idea! Any Burberry fans out there? Utilize exactly the identical silver tree and lights, and add plaid, plaid, plaid!

Grandin Road

Christmas Plaid Glass Finial Ornaments – $39

These finial ornaments are incredible. Do not worry that the plaid is not precisely Burberry. Once you mix in many different similarly-patterned decorations, the idea will come across.

JAM Paper & Envelope

Open Lid Kraft Gift Box – $3.50

Burberry gift boxes are easy to do. Their box is tan, so grab some kraft paper boxes and also add a black ribbon to the appearance.

Grandin Road

Christmas Plaid Glass Onion Ornaments – $39

Look at these onion-shaped plaid ornaments! They’re so classic, so very adorable for the Burberry tree.


Red Hot Shatterproof Icicle Christmas Ornaments – $7.99

I would use some red ornaments too. These icicles are a wonderful form comparison, and they are very well priced so that you may fill up the tree.

Home Decorators Collection

Glass Finial Ornaments – $12

I love these red finial decorations for your Burberry tree. And add the dark sparkly ornaments I showed you from the Tiffany tree. Burberry plaid has black and red on a tan ground. However, of course, you already knew that.

Christmas Central

Holiday Cheer Santa Claus Belt Christmas Ball Ornament – $6.99

This ornament is sort of funny — it’s like the belt on a Burberry trench coat.

Stretch Jersey ITY Knit British Plaid Natural/Red/Black – $5.98

Following is a Burberry-style fabric to drape around the bottom of your tree because the tree skirt. It’s under $6 per yard at, again,
Or use your own Burberry throw or trench as the tree skirt. Work with me !


Joy, Reindeer and Tree Glitter Shapes – $4.99

This last item spells out”JOY.” It would seem very cute in everybody’s house, and it’s under $5.

I want you happy and trendy tree trimming! Send me some pictures for my website if you attempt any of these ideas.

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