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Guest Picks: Modern Cabin Decor

Hey guess what? It’s almost fall! And I can’t wait to go on up to my cabin in the Georgia mountains! Alright, no… sorry, I do not really have a cabin anywhere. I don’t actually own my own property. BUT! If I did, I can assure you it’d be super-deluxe contemporary and also an anti-cabin cabin.

I ai not got nothin’ against log cottages, but with that timber present I’d need healthy doses of metal, leather, fur and oriental accents. I feel the secret to a new and contemporary cabin is to play around with the unexpected and to have a sense of humor about it all. Word. — Jenny from My Favourite and My Very Best

I recently saw a picture of a dark and moody log cabin with full minimum decor and a black leather Togo sectional. In a million years I wouldn’t have thought about that as a success story, but it therefore, therefore was. That is my take on such design.


IKEA STOCKHOLM Sofa – $1,499

Even though a real-life leather Togo sectional will put you back about six thousand dollars, this IKEA couch keeps things ridiculously affordable. Comes in dark brown too. They assert the leather ages beautifully… that are a first for IKEA.


Square Parquet-Top Coffee Table – $999

Simple, modern lines, weathered wood and metal make this a perfect cabin coffee table option — also, it is a massive square beast. Pile it with novels, freshly cut greenery and sit down with some hot chocolate and/or wine. (Wine.)

Design Within Reach

Etch Pendant, Brass – $375

If you are gonna do 1 thing to maintain your cabin from being overly cabiny..this is it! A sexy brass Tom Dixon pendant. The fact that it looks like a beehive type of kind of doesn’t go unnoticed by me.


Vintage 3 1/2 Point Hudson Bay Style Wool by Moon Over Marilyn – $55

A classic blanket with bright, poppy colors. I’d use these in all the bedrooms.

Tourance Lux Throw in Brown Chinchilla – $180

Ah, the perfect foil to all of that wood and leather.


Olin Rug – $19.95

Another suggestion to keep your cabin on the contemporary side is to use bold images — namely, white and black. This rug is brand new from Crate and Barrel. Totally affordable and totally stylish. This, fantastic light and comfy seating are really all you want.

Candle Delirium

Diptyque Mousses (Moss) Candle – $60

If your surrounding region is much more”shack off the interstate” than cabin nestled in the wilderness, then fret not! Light up a candle that smells like the forests or the forest floor. This one smells like moss — not mouses. Ew.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Market & Fruit Picking Pack – $104

Moving blackberry picking? Everybody wants somethin’ to place their berries . Or apples. Or mushrooms (what? You really don’t forage for mushrooms?) Or sticks for kindling, right? This one is trendy enough to display or wear.


An Unassuming Tiered Bookcase – $599

Go for slick and contemporary shelves for your entire Fishing for Dummies novels.


Hampshire Hedgehog Bottle Opener – $18

Aww… a hedgehog jar opener!


“The Seasonal Cabin Cookbook” by Tessa Marrone – $16.95

Yes, a cabin cookbook, full of cabin-style meals like Slow Cooked Squirrel and Scrapple (look it up). Actually, there’s nothing bizarre in this cookbook. Alternatively, you’ll find Overnight Caramel Rolls (yes ) and Grilled Meatloaf (yum yum).

Toque Blanche

Soup Pot, Large – $62.50

I love this with all my soul and heart. It’s only a large ol’ soup kettle, but it leaves my chili makin’ hand begin to twitch a bit.


Sherpa Leanback Lounger – $179

While I completely get this looks EXACTLY like a shmoo (look it up), it also looks majorly comfortable and in your cabin that’s pretty much everything you want. I know my 6-year-old daughter will probably be more enthusiastic about being reunited with this item than the actual forests surrounding the cabin.


“Stormy Coastline” by Willow Groves – $19.95

This Etsy vendor has a fantastic selection of nature-themed oil paintings. They aren’t super serious but they are quite good.


Branch Fragment Light by Anzfer Farms – $100

Just how cool is this item?! This absolutely, 100 percent should be used in a minimum type of decor situation. It could easily go far too”Gilligan’s Island” if you are not careful. I’d put it onto a desk with a few novels, a propped painting and a plant — that’s all.

West Elm

Papier-Mâché Animal Sculptures – $29

Paper maché creature heads are far more amazing and un-scary than actual creature heads. Perfect cabin decor with no cold dead eyes following you around.


“Cabins: The New Style” by James Grayson Trulove – $35

For inspiration, naturally!


Boot Scraper – $14.95

And finally, please wash off your boots. I really don’t want your muddy self ruining my modern decor!

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