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Hang the Fantastic Light On Your Holiday Table

Are you hosting a small or large gathering of family or friends for the holidays? Create a joyous, warm and inviting setting this year by adding a delicious spread of food, lots of laughter, and the most mood-enhancing piece, your overhead dining table lighting. The right light makes everything look much better! So lets review some easy lighting tips.

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Calculate the right size. To keep tall guests from putting their heads on your chandelier as they awaken from their seats think about the size of your lighting. With a measuring tape, calculate the width of this table and subtract 1 foot. For instance, if your dining table is 38″ wide, you will be on the lookout for a chandelier that’s 26″ wide. The cause of this is so you don’t end up with a mild that looks too small or too large on your table, and tall guests won’t bump their heads on your chandelier as they get up out of their seats.

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Figure out the right height. You never need to listen to a guest round your table state”I will hear you but can just see crystal droplets in front of me.” In other words, the light was hung too low.

When you have an 8-foot ceiling, then there should be 30″ to 36″ from the tabletop to bottom of your lighting fixture. For every additional foot of ceiling height, add 3 inches to the height of your lighting. For instance, a light in a 9-foot ceiling should hang 33″ to 39″.

More mild for your holidays. If you like hosting large holiday parties, opening your table as long as it will go, or adding on a couple of card tables, look at breaking the fixture-size rule by several inches to get in more lights — so everyone is able to find his fork! If you are the rebellious kind, hang the bigger light higher so it doesn’t feel weighty. Check out just how near the ceiling that this massive chandelier is.

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Stems require careful attention . Lights hung by stalks, vs. strings or chains, actually finish off a ring lighting by hiding the cable. Stems don’t permit you to play the span very much. Always figure out the total height of the lighting itself and the duration of stalks that include it so you can calculate the length and know exactly how low it will hang (most stem lighting relies on 8- or 9-foot ceilings).

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Seeing dual . If your tabletop is additional long all the time, you can create better direct lighting at the ends of the table with two evenly spaced chandeliers. And this is not simply functional, but adds more drama to your space.

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Candle chandeliers. If you like long lingering meals by candlelight, try a fixture using faux-candle colors. These lights offer a warm, romantic glow. And during the vacations you’ll be able to add fun accents such as decorations and branches without worrying they’ll catch on fire. If you are concerned about this kind of lighting not being powerful enough, just remember that you can and should layer different types of lighting in a space, so include other table lamps, floor lamps or sconces.


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Dare to dim. The trick to creating the right kind of lighting is to have control over it! Use a dimmer.

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P.S. Insert a massive mirror to double light. Have a great holiday season!

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