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There’s perhaps just 1 place we could put a video screen more controversial than the kitchen — and I’ll deal with technology in the bedroom yet another time — but the kitchen is among the best places to have one.

I know that designers disdain TVs, computers and the ugly wires and boxes which go together. I know, too, that many believe the core of the home is no place for tech. But I encourage all to reconsider the way we think of technology and its ever-present spouse, the screen.


It’s time to begin thinking of the screen as a portal site which enables access to all the content in the cloud: recipes, cooking demonstrations, breaking news, weather alerts, research for a child’s homework, access to a school’s calendar or assignment listing, and yes, even tv programming. Thinking that we could or should live without all these perks at the most-used area in the house seems ridiculous to me. Of course, it ought to make sense aesthetically.

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Would this pristine environment be marred by the presence of a TV or computer screen? Perhaps, but let us examine the ways in which technology and modern life are intertwined.

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If you own a notebook pc, iPad or other portable device, pay attention to how it is used. Odds are it ends up in the kitchen more often than anyplace outside a home office. That can be the heart of household activity, our gathering space. We use devices on the internet for so many things now; not having one accessible in the kitchen can be a real downside.

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Want to examine the traffic or weather? A child’s practice or school schedule? Send a fast email? Look up a picture time? It’s likely that you’re doing this on line. Using a way to do that in the kitchen is a benefit which will keep folks from constantly leaving the space to verify a desktop computer or awaiting smart phones to load the answers.

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I’ve attended several conventions about children and engineering, and among the very interesting takeaways is this little tidbit: families report spending more time together when there’s a computer in the kitchen.

Out me. The presence of a pc gets children out of their rooms and again doing assignments in the proverbial kitchen table. It’s easier to help when needed, therefore there’s no “wait before dinner” for a parent to assist.

Screens could be terrible barriers to intimacy and interfere with family time, but bringing you into the kitchen seems to help mitigate that.

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A dedicated computer station in the kitchen might make it the go-to spot for studying and networking. Plus it provides one spot to corral those wires.


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You do not necessarily need a pc to achieve all of this togetherness. New TVs have a lot of the capabilities of computers, with no word processing program. If you are buying a new TV, consider one that is internet enabled. Using a high-speed online connection you’ll able to get a whole lot of articles on the internet. Only apps made accessible via specially designed apps can be found, and a lot of these are entertainment based, but these units are the most future-proof, and fresh methods of using these are coming out every month. New products like Samsung’s Smart TV are incorporating apps all the opportunity to enrich the experience.


Apple TV – $99

AppleTV is an easy way to get some online content within an older TV. This $99 device uses a home’s wireless system to get content on a home server or pc, and the inclusion of a wireless computer keyboard makes some interactivity simple.


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The exact same is true of Sony’s GoogleTV.


Chef Stand + Stylus – $39.99

IPads are proving popular in kitchens too, and there are numerous new devices which make it easier and safer to use. This chef stand alone and stylus are all designed for kitchen use, the rubber bottom of the stand keeps it from slipping. The stylus means no sticky fingers on the screen.

There are security concerns with bringing portable electronics to the kitchen. Be careful to not use them near water, of course, and try to maintain ingredients in a safe distance. Electronics nowadays are not as delicate as they were, but neither are they waterproof.

If you do get water submerge a portable device in liquid, remove the battery (unless your device has an internal battery) and place the device on a bed of dry uncooked rice. That’ll absorb the liquid. Do not try turning the device on and allow it to sit overnight before rebooting. It doesn’t always work, but it doesn’t hurt to try before buying new device.

We might not love technology for a lot of reasons, but we do love what it does for us. Why don’t you allow it into your favorite room? You just might be surprised with the outcome.

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