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How to Clean a Kitchen Ceiling That's Covered in Smoke Residue

Even the best of cooks can burn a thing on the cooker or in the oven, resulting in a kitchen full of smoke and a ceiling which requires cleaning. Before beginning your cleaning job, protect the kitchen counter and tabletops by covering them with newspaper, because some of the smoke debris might fall as you eliminate it. Just clean the ceiling from a stepladder — to stay safe, do not stand atop tabletops, chairs or other furniture.

Protect the area under the ceiling in which you intend to work. Lay a plastic drop cloth or painter’s cloth on the ground beneath the work area.

Establish a stepladder in the center of a 2-by-2-foot or 3-by-3 department. You want to work in sections across the ceiling, because you are going to have limited reach from a stepladder.

Remove any smoke particles and ash from the ground first. Rub a moist sponge across the ceiling to loosen the particles, or vacuum the ceiling’s surface with the hose and brush attachment of your vacuum, if it can hit. Clean the whole ceiling first in this way.

Rinse the dry sponge in warm water to remove excess ash, smoke and debris. Wring it out when clean.

Put on the rubber gloves. Trisodium phosphate can burn the skin with prolonged exposure.

Fill the gallon bucket with warm water. Mix in 1 tablespoon of trisodium phosphate. Swirl the water along with your gloved finger till the trisodium phosphate thoroughly intercede.

Soak the sponge in the cleaning solution. Thoroughly wring it out. Apply the sponge with the cleaning solution to the ceiling in an even stroke, working in one direction. Duplicate this across the whole work department.

Rinse the sponge in running water, and dip it into a bucket of clean, warm water. Apply the sponge into the area you wiped with the cleaning solution. Make certain to thoroughly eliminate the cleaning solution in the ceiling with the clean, rinsed sponge. Duplicate brushing and rinsing until all the smoke debris evaporates from the ground.

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