How to Clean a Swimming Pool

Having the right tools on hand to clean your pool when the time comes will make the process easier and more enjoyable for you. So, start by inspecting your tools to find out if they’re still in good condition, or if they are enough for you to clean the pool thoroughly. Write down the ones you’re missing so that you can purchase them the next time you run errands.

So, read on for some useful tips on how to clean your pool so that you can enjoy it anytime and with anyone.  

The 3 Cs

According to experts, the 3 Cs of proper pool maintenance are chemicals, circulation, and cleaning. You cannot get Oakland handyman clean without putting in some elbow grease, using the right tools, and at the right intervals.  

Why Cleaning Your Pool is Important

These days, consumers have access to very powerful cleaning chemicals and cleaning the pool manually seems pointless to them. News flash; all those chemicals you put into your pool are ultimately useless if you don’t regularly scrub the pool with a brush and other cleaning tools. In the same way that you use elbow grease to clean your bathtub even though you use soap and water in it every day, you need to clean your pool with the right tools even though you fill it with chemicals on a regular basis. This helps to get rid of accumulated grime, small insects and leaves that when left there will create a petri dish of mold, leaving your pool water looking more like a swamp than the sparkling beauty it should be.

Pool Cleaning Equipment

Let’s face it; cleaning the pool is not nearly as much fun as swimming in it, which is why a lot of us procrastinate to deep clean our handyman Oakland until it’s too late. Apart from skimming the leaves off the surface every now and then, it’s important to thoroughly clean your pool from the floor to the walls, and then the surface, on a regular basis to make sure that it’s suitable for you to swim in and entertain guests anytime you feel like it. Besides, the last thing you want is to find your pool water looking murky and unappealing the next time you want to host a pool party with your friends and family.

If you don’t have pool cleaning tools and don’t know which ones to get, read on to find out what kind of equipment you’ll need.

-Telescopic Pole – This is the most essential pool cleaning tool that you’ll ever buy. It basically works like an extension of your hand because you can attach all types of tools at the end of its pole, from brushes, to skimmer nets, vacuum heads, you name it. So, it’s a really versatile tool that allows you to reach every nook and cranny of the pool, thanks to its extendable design. The length we’d recommend you get is the 8 ft pole because you can extend it up to 16 feet.

-Skimmer Net – This net has a built-in telescopic pole which enables you to collect debris from the pool. It comes in two different types; a flat skimmer and a bag skimmer. A bag skimmer is like a net that’s shaped like a bag, while a flat skimmer has a flat shape, which makes it the more desirable option because it’s easier to empty than a bag skimmer.

-Pool Brush – A pool brush is designed to help you scrub off dirt and debris from the pool, and it comes in different materials to cater to different types of pools. For example, a nylon bristle brush works great for cleaning a vinyl, fiberglass or painter concrete pool, while a stainless steel bristle brush is recommended for handyman Oakland CA that are made of unpainted concrete and gunite.

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