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How to Transfer Your Movies Outside

I recently wrote about how to expand our time around the patio with an outdoor version of a home theater. Now it is time to think about how to get all the apps, videos and other content we enjoy outdoors, too. This isn’t only about the hardware. We live in a world where seamless, wireless streaming entertainment is becoming the norm. Music, photos, videos, games, voice, advice — you name it, and we have come to expect it whenever and wherever we want.

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If you’re using a TV made expressly for outside use — and we recommend doing just that for safety’s sake — you will forsake some of the newest features like built-in online connectivity, which gets you online through the TV. But even if the screen isn’t setup to stream movies and shows from your home computer or the net by itself, you will find great options out there.

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Insert a component as a Blu-ray Disc participant (such as DVDs) or a digital video recorder (which lists network and cable shows for playback later). Depending on the outside space, they may be saved in a weatherproof cabinet and connected to the display screen by a professional. Most are simple enough to detach and store when not in use in case you don’t have weatherproof home. It is not perfect, but it is an easy way to use the latest technologies without investing in a totally new system.

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Internet-enabled Blu-ray Disc players and gaming consoles are inexpensive, readily available and easy ways to add streamed content to an outside theater. Most now let you stream content from subscription services such as Netflix and Vudu for instant viewing.

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TVs mounted over a fireplace are too high for optimum viewing but they don’t have one clear advantage: the ledge below affords space for a component to help get content to the screen.

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If you’re going to the trouble of mounting a TV, make certain that you pump up the audio quality. TVs got lanky by sacrificing internal speakers; insert to that ambient noise and the sounds of nature, and you’re going to have trouble hearing without at least two speakers connected to the TV. Or go all out and do five-channel surround sound complete with subwoofer. Many outside speakers arrive in wireless versions.

Apple makes it effortless to acquire content from 1 device to another. Look for the Apple AirPlay logo on speakers and docking systems. In other words, the device can access music and related video content from your home network and play it to the patio. The iPad, iPhone or iPod touch all work as controllers, which makes it a cinch to operate and also fewer components to keep tabs on outside.

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AirPlay has been integrated into many excellent audio products such as Denon receivers, the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin along with Sonos entire home wireless audio systems, satisfying even the most discerning of audiophiles.

IOGEAR’s Wireless USB Audio – $280

There are kits which help flow content to an outside TV, many of them inexpensive such as this one from IOGEAR. Simply plug in the TV and insert the dongle into a computer’s USB port to expand a wireless signal outside its usual variety and stream content from a laptop to the larger screen.

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There’s a steady stream of new products coming from supposed to flow content to TVs with a home network such as the AppleTV. Also consider Orb TV, a little hockey-puck sized disc that links to a stereo or TV then performs anything saved on a home computer system. Use an iPad, iPod or smartphone since the remote control and get video from your iTunes library or flow from Netflix. Orb sends content to external speakers and displays.


Outdoor living needn’t be as extravagant as this. With a couple smart devices it really can be for everybody.

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