Now's Recliners Permit You Kick Back in Style

Many people have fond memories of hanging on our dad’s lap in his big recliner or perhaps curling up in the over-stuffed part of furniture to see a Godzilla movie on Saturday afternoon. How recliners have changed through recent years. No longer are they relegated to the”study” (code for”room that the public is not permitted to see”). The recliners of today, with all their design and superior looks, have places of honor in living rooms, family rooms and entertainment rooms.

Apart from their great looks, recliners have a particular set of purposes couple of other pieces in your home have. Of course, reclining is key. But just as significant is that their origami-like capacity to provide a footrest when you want it — and tuck it away once you don’t.

Due to some smart new recliner layouts, it’s time to bring the recliner back into your main living space. Below are a few great examples to get you started.

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Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

In what I can only imagine is a somewhat elegant residence, this family room is set for big gatherings in addition to movie nights for the house’s inhabitants. The 2 seats with their backs to people now are, in fact, recliners and put in an optimal place for TV viewing. When not in the reclining posture, they complete a comfy and intimate conversation area.

Hint: When contemplating placing recliners in the midst of a room, be sure to look at the rear of this piece. You do not wish to see a lot of unsightly mechanical hardware. These are finished and tailored to perfection.


Porter Leather Recliner – $2,399

This blue leather recliner from Horchow would fit perfectly in an upscale living room.

Panache Interiors

Sometimes you only need to sew something really sumptuous. This lipstick-red leather recliner feels right at home in this fun and stylish interior. From silver sofa to silver foliage ceiling and high-graphic wall covering, this chamber screams glamour.

David Vandervort Architects

Occasionally it requires a recliner to fit comfortable seating to a more compact space. This long and narrow room wouldn’t allow for an ottoman facing the side seat. Design Within Reach, producers of the seat, tasked a furniture designer to come up with a comfortable recliner minus all the bulk. This scaled-down seat would fit well in any space requiring smaller-scaled furniture. But the actual bonus is that one also reclines.

Rebekkah Davies Interiors + Design

These two recliners are perfect for a TV room with space limitations. Notice the scaled-down arms and lower overall profiles of those pieces. They help the room from feeling bloated. Yet you’ll be able to push back and relax. Each individual also conveniently has her or his very own little side table. Well thought out.

Vanguard Studio Inc..

Recliners also have become central to social websites rooms. If your home is large enough, you may think about turning one room into a screening room. This becomes the family hangout on movie night or the sleep-over room.

This media chamber gets the style and elegance of a screening room in the early days of the silver screen. Two well-positioned recliners are the very best seats in the house.

Addison House


Here’s a wonderful set of recliners around which to build your contemporary viewing room.

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

In looking for rooms with recliners, I came across this contemporary traditional Hawaiian home. Besides the magnificent view and outside space, the furniture arrangement is ideal given the room use. Anything other than streamlined sofas and these 2 recliners could have felt bulky and obtrusive. On the other hand, the reclining facet of those chairs also plays a significant role. They supply a landing spot to relax during any inclement weather, but nevertheless close enough to enjoy the outdoors. Simply perfect!

Ziger/Snead Architects

A Houzz visitor viewing this photograph asked”Where do the TV audiences sit?” The issue is a great one. As we found in previous examples, a recliner positioned right in the front of a TV is optimal for viewing purposes. But let me throw something else in you. The recliner you see can also swivel! So, by providing the flexibility in this 1 piece of furniture, then you can go from viewing the outdoors (and, what a great opinion ) to viewing TV or gazing in the fire. What is even more striking is the elegance in this room. Its subtle palette of creams and blues doesn’t compete with the house’s natural setting. I’d like to vacation here. Anybody with me?

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