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On Trend: Feather Decor Makes Rooms Soar

Feathers can give a room a quick lift. Avoid the boudoir appearance of feather cushions and feather boas. If you’re looking for a way to attract some lightness to a space, concentrate on feather art prints, collections of natural bird feathers, arrows and even feather-print wallpaper. Taking a contemporary way of feathers will transfer your space from feeling stuck on ground to floating on air.


Sunset Arrow Set – $45

A vibrant collection of arrows creates a still life that still makes you instantly consider flying. Take a look at flea markets for mismatched locates or store the numerous vibrant groupings out of Fletcher and Fox.


Watercolor Feather Print – $20

Brightly coloured and graphic, a print such as this speaks both to feathers and the big geometric trend in art and graphics also. It’s a fantastic addition to any room that requires a little pop of pattern and color.

Safari Fusion

Bamileke Feather Headdress (whitened) | Juju Hat – AUD 595

African American feather Juju hats are magnificent no matter where they are placed. But this one feels particularly contemporary when based in a minimalist group. Even in white, it still occupies the show.


Ferm Living Feather Wallpaper – $110

Peacock feathers undergo an update in all-white. This rich blue and white background manages to be both contemporary and somewhat frilly at precisely the same moment. A print similar to this might be a good compromise in a couple’s bedroom.


Feather Garland Kit – GBP 16

Add a significant burst of floaty pleasure with this feather garland kit. The colours will liven up a neutral space, and in a long hallway or entrance they’d flutter in each breeze.

Mark Zuil

Move big and bold with a large-scale feather artwork. The swirls and curves bring the organic feeling of flight and lightness to a starker interior.

david scheirer watercolors

Owl Feather Watercolor Study – $14

Focus on the natural side of feathers having a beautiful watercolor print. The soft details and neutral colours are instantly soothing. A collection of many feathers in various sizes would be gorgeous.


“All Feathered” Art Print – $29

This art print feels like flowers, feathers, leaves and wings at one time. Frame it with a large white mat to really showcase the subtle colours.

Update a passion for peacock feathers by going large — this repeating stencil shows its peacock inspiration just once you get up close and personal. Here it also adds visual interest to an otherwise blank stairway.

Emily McCall

Bring that airy, natural vibe to the kids’ rooms also. This pillow feels extra sweet sitting on such a little chair. It appears like it’s the perfect size for a little head needing a little rest, too.

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