Should You Clean Your HVAC Air Duct?

Duct cleaning is seen as one of the most important maintenance steps for any home heating and cooling system. Besides, it is something that looks quite logical. If the ducts are clean then the movement of air through the heating and air conditioning Denver, CO system will be efficient and safe. But is it really necessary to clean off the ducts? Yes it is, but it has to be done right. Ducts on the heating and cooling system will often attract dust on a regular basis. This dust reduces the efficiency of the entire system if it’s not removed.  But how do you clean the ducts without damaging your entire home heating system?

Here are some tips:

Hiring the Right Contractor

Your best bet when cleaning the ducts of your home heating system is to hire a professional and experienced contractor. Don’t do this on your own. A professional will understand how to cover up delicate parts of the entire system. He or she will also clean up the duct in a way that limits any potential risk of damage. Contractors who are approved by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association are highly recommended. The association has set in place a number of standards in furnace repair Denver, CO air duct cleaning. These standards help to guarantee quality duct cleaning. In addition to this, air duct cleaning should be part of a broader strategy to maintain and clean the entire home heating and cooling system.

What to Focus On When Cleaning the Air Conditioning System

There are a number of special areas that need to be covered during a routine cleaning job for the air conditioning system.

HVAC Ducts

– The main supply duct and all the branch distribution ducts must be cleaned

– Don’t forget the return air ducts

– Installation access panels in the ducts must be sealed while the cleaning is being done.

Grills and Diffusers

– The grills and diffusers too need to get your attention in Denver HVAC cleaning. The supply registers and the return air grilles must be dusted off and cleaned thoroughly.

Furnace Plenums

– Start off with the heat exchanger on the furnace

– Remove, clean up and reinstall the blower motor and its overall housing assembly

– The pan on the humidifier media needs to be drained

– Pay attention to the dust and impurities on the evaporator coil too.

– The cooling coil should also be cleared.

Furnace Air Filter

Air filters on the furnace need to be replaced on a regular basis. Even though cleaning is fine, at least make sure the filters are replaced every three to four months. Typical air filter replacement normally cost between $500 and $1,000 depending on the type of heating system you have.

Keeping your HVAC Denver, CO system operating at optimal level requires a lot of maintenance. Duct cleaning is one of the simple solutions you can explore. However, make sure it’s done as part of the overall maintenance of the home air conditioning system.

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