The best way to Paint Vinyl Seat Cushions

Typical material paint does not adhere precisely to vinyl, which is developed to repel materials instead of soaking up them. In the event you are redecorating or relocating and you also want to provide a brand new color to match your decor to your stools or outside furniture, invest in a can of vinyl-certain spraypaint. These items can flex with your-seat cushions and will not fade, do not need a primer, so the paint does not chip or crack. Paints in a well-ventilated location and follow the directions on the label exactly.

Clean the cushions completely using a sponge dipped in water. The paint will not stick to to the area unless it’s clear of grease and dirt. Allow the cushions to dry.

Lay a dropcloth in a well-ventilated location, preferably outdoors. Set the seat cushions on the dropcloth.

Shake the can of spraypaint for about a minute or the amount of time specified in the item directions. Remove the cap. Hold the can the the length specified in the guidelines or 10 to 12″ from a cushion.

The paint on the cushion. Move your hand in a even sweeping movement from side to side, therefore it overlaps the bottom third of the strip and spray the strip of paint. Continue this way before you’ve got covered the whole area in a coating that is light.

Follow the product directions to decide how long to wait before applying a second coat, an average of an hour. Use the second coat in much the same. Apply a coat if required. Wait for the paint.

Flip over the cushion, and spray the other side the same way. Repeat the procedure using the cushions, then using the edges of the cushion.

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