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The Way to Decorate Soffits

A soffit is a covered dropped box at ceiling height which disguises a feature of the construction — wiring or plumbing, for instance. A soffit together one kitchen wall over the upper cabinets may be”painted out” at a color which matches the wall and ceiling to make it nearly vanish. However, it may also be turned into a design feature with the addition of decoration, molding and paint. Match the paint into another walls of the kitchen or select. Match the molding into the cabinet finish.

Paint the soffits above your kitchen cabinets a shade that contrasts with the cabinets; bisque is. Bisque walls against white cabinets let you add more colors to your decor in colors, fixtures or floor coverings. Apricot or pale chartreuse brings out the rich tones of wood cabinets.

Quantify the length and cut on a sheet of crown molding that is broad to fit. Paint the enamel that is molding to coincide with cupboards that are white or stain it the color of wood cabinets. Safeguard stained molding.

Find the wall studs with a stud finder so that you may still see them when you maintain the molding in place and mark the spots lightly in pencil, low on the soffit. Mark the stud finder places on the molding as you hold it.

Drill pilot holes at the points on the molding at which you will attach it to the soffit. Nail the molding into the soffit at the studs with a pneumatic nail gun.

Once it hardens hide the nails with a bit of putty, dab on the spots with matching paint or lacquer tinted with the wood stain to blend into the rest of the molding finish.

Hang classic farm-stand signs or a row of bright enamel colanders on wrought-iron hooks, framed watercolors of vegetables, or large letters which spell”E A T” on the painted noodle involving the molding and the cabinets.

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