Top Small Porch Ideas

Thanks to the advent of vertical living in city apartments, and construction cost-cutting in suburbia, more people are finding themselves in homes with small Bakersfield painters, which make it difficult to spend some time outdoors.

However, there are a few neat tricks that you could try to increase your home’s curb appeal without moving house, through a combination of smart landscaping, outdoor décor accessories, and creative porch designs.

Small Porch Designs

The three most important elements to designing painters in Bakersfield, CA are the columns, railings and the roof. Any changes that you make to even one of these elements could result in vast improvements to the porch in both dimension and attractiveness.

To design your ideal porch, take some inspiration from online images that represent it, and look out for the features that stand out the most for you. Some websites even offer virtual design features which allow you to virtually redesign your porch, including the adjustment of the columns, roof or railings to see if the move achieves the desired outcome.

Here are some interesting ideas for you to try out as you plan your own porch design, including some of the most ingenious ideas that designers have come up with for small painter Bakersfield, CA:

Matching Stripes

Create architectural lines on your patio through rounded steps and door lines, which in turn pick up on the lines on your roof to strike interest.


Decorate your porch with a lattice to provide some shade from the sun while simultaneously introducing some added charm. Change the design style of the lattice to suit your preferences, whether formal, country or modern.

Gable Roof

A gable roof adds a ranch-like feel to the front yard while elongating the space surrounding the porch. A high pitched gable is often the best choice for a small porch while adding your own personal touches like an outdoor swing or a dream catcher will also make the porch more curious and attractive.  

Flat Roof

With this design, you get two for the price of one, as the flat roof is created to accommodate an extra patio on the upstairs level, while instantaneously adding length and dimension to the main front door porch. You can take it up a notch by adding a few miniature trees and throw in some Chippendale-style railings for instant flair.

Color Trimming

Trimming the columns, brackets, and spandrels with a different and vibrant color is a quick and inexpensive way to add some style to your porch. You can try color blocking or keep it monochrome depending on your preferences. Either way, trimming your porch is sure to bring an instant ‘wow’ factor.

Furnishings and Decorations

From eye-catching wall ornaments and colorful swinging chairs to charming wreaths and ferns, there are plenty of size-appropriate yet stunning décor ideas that you can use to adorn your porch without making it look too cluttered.

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