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Welding a Metal Flower Garden Art

Flower garden art is a good way to make your garden stand out. There are a lot of options that you can consider for this. Over time, homeowners have come to use different styles to bring forth an incredible outlook in the garden. A lot of people are increasingly consulting tree services about the use of metal garden art.

Metal garden art is beautiful. It stands out and offers an element of uniqueness that most homeowners like a lot.

The following are some guidelines on how to weld a metal flower garden.

You will need the following tools and materials:

-Safe welding equipment (gloves and hood)
-Scrolling pliers
-Wire brush
-Table vice
-Oxygen acetylene tanks
-A welder
-Chop saw with a cutting blade
-Bolt cutter
-Bucket of water
-Steel rod – 3 feet, each 3/16 inches
-Five stainless steel forks


Before you start tree service contractors, make sure you have your safety glasses on. You must also put on gloves. Use the chop saw to trim the five forks into size.

Insert a section of the steel rod into the vice grips. Adjust until the section measures 3 feet, and 1 foot sticks up at the top of the vice.

Light your torch and apply heat at the point where the stock and the vice intersect. Try and bend this joint to form a 90-degree angle. Make use of the heat and turn the metal rod clockwise. Do this while trying to create a tight scroll.

Having finished the remaining stock, heat a section under the scroll. Use the scrolling pliers to curve the base. Make sure the scroll meets the stock at a 45-degree angle, then turn off your torch and pour cold water to quench the scroll.

Use a wire brush to clean the soot off the scroll

Turn the scroll upside down. Measure the perimeter and mark parts where the fork tops will be welded. Leave two fork handles untouched. They should be evenly spaced. Weld the fork tops on the spots marked at the back of the scroll.

Take the fork handles spared and measure a section halfway off the bottom of the stock, and create a mark. Weld the fork handles on the marks you have created. These should be the leaves.

Slowly put the handle of the torch into the vice. Light up the torch and then heat the outer section of every one of the forks. Try not to overheat the forks while doing tree trimming.

While the forks are still hot, use the scrolling pliers to bend them out. Repeat the bending process for all the remaining forks.

Due to the use of heat in the process, most parts of this garden art will still be extremely hot, so leave it until it cools down.

Having cooled down, you might want to consider painting the tree removal garden art. Pick colors that will blend in well with the garden and the rest of the fixtures that you already have in the garden.

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